About Myself

I'm Harshal Vinayak Dange. I'm a Future Computer Engineer & also an Aspiring Developer. I Have Good Knowledge Of Various Programming Languages. I am always Looking Forward to Learning Anything That is New & Interesting. Also I'm Very Much Passionate About Music.
For Anything Conact me at dange364 [at] gmail [dot] com

Educational Journey


  • HTML5

  • CSS

  • JavaScript / jQuery

  • Android

  • Core Java

  • Python


  • Android Studio
  • MS-SQL Server / MySQL
  • Google Docs


  • Responsive design

Some Academic / Other works

Wheels Deals

It’s a Website where one can buy or sell their old cars without paying any amount. The website also recommends a user the most preferable car based on their previous views

Mohnish Devadiga
Sahil Apte

To.do App

An android App that Reminds users tasks that they add according to the Time-Date, Location or contact they want to add. The app will be available on Play store soon.

Mohnish Devadiga
Mugdha Agharkar

Text Summarization Using NLP

Given the ever-increasing available content on the web, optimally using one’s time and exploring the most out of Internet becomes important. This application focuses on extracting critical information from a document so that the user would not have to go through all of it and valuable time is saved.

Mohnish Devadiga
Mugdha Agharkar

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